[A thread on the subreddit /r /all] Vietnam Veterans Donations Box – Canada

The donations box has been on my mind ever since my first post on the thread, when I thought of donating my first box.

I thought I could donate a box that would be open and accessible for people who need something, even though my family and friends have been homeless and destitute for the past decade.

I never knew how I would feel donating a box.

But, over the last couple of weeks, the outpouring of support from people across the country has been overwhelming.

I’ve been overwhelmed with so many messages from people who have donated to this box, many of whom said their names and that they had lost loved ones in the war.

I am so touched by the support I’ve received from so many people.

When I opened my first donation box a few weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and I am glad that my generosity has helped others in need.

I feel like I have touched a lot of lives.

But when I started to think about how the box could be opened and accessible to homeless people, I realized that there was a real need.

As a single person in the Vancouver area, I have a family of five children, including a young daughter and a newborn daughter.

They have all lived in shelters and are in need of a safe place to live.

I know that I can’t do it alone.

I hope that other people can too, and that donations from this box will be a source of support and a tool to help homeless people in need across Canada.

Thanks to the donations I’ve already received, I am currently donating to a box in Toronto.