How the Goodwill mattress donations have helped vets in need

Posted January 07, 2019 08:30:11A new mattress donated by a Vietnam vet to a local charity has helped raise funds for vets in urgent need.

The Goodwill Mattress Foundation donated a mattress donated to the foundation by John O’Brien, a veteran of the Vietnam War, to the PetSmart in Sydney’s west in December.

The company, which has an office in Melbourne’s CBD, has also been helping vet and elderly residents who need a mattress.

John O’Brien told ABC Radio Sydney the mattress was donated as a “goodwill” to the charity.

“I didn’t know about the mattress donation until it came out in the media,” he said.

“It was a surprise to me.”

Mr O’Neil said the donation had raised more than $1,000 for the Goodwills Foundation.

“That was one of the most emotional moments of my life,” he told ABC News.

“A couple of weeks later I was getting a phone call from my friend [a vet], saying ‘We’ve been able to use your mattress for our dog, and she’s had no heat for the last two weeks.'”

I was shocked.

“Mr John O, who was awarded the Medal of Honour by Vietnam’s government, said the mattress had been donated by John as a memorial to the vets.”

They have been very understanding of it, and they’re helping us out in many ways,” he added.

The mattress was a gift from John and his wife, Claire O’Donnell, who were both involved in the Vietnam Veterans of America’s funeral.”

This was a really emotional moment for us,” Mr O’Malley said.

Mr ODonnell said they were also pleased to have a mattress at the store for a “long time to come”.”

We’re glad we have this one for our family,” she said.

The mattresses are now being handed over to vets who need it, with John and Claire ODonnell donating them to a vets charity, The PetSmart, for free.