The New Jersey Devils have donated $50,000 to help with Hurricane Harvey relief

The New York Rangers have donated the $50K to the Salvation Army to help Harvey relief efforts, the team announced Tuesday.

The Rangers will donate $5K per person, per day to the organization, which is offering a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the massive flooding in Texas and Louisiana.

The team also will donate a portion of its revenue from ticket sales to help the Salvation Alliance.

Rangers executive vice president of corporate communications Rob Lowe said in a statement that the donation is part of the team’s commitment to assist people impacted by the devastating storm.

“Our first priority in responding to Hurricane Harvey was to assist the local communities in Texas, Louisiana and Florida,” Lowe said.

“We’ve heard from many in the community that this has been a tough week for many.

The New Orleans Saints have made an immediate donation of $1 million to the relief effort in Texas.

We will continue to work with the Salvation Arm to provide assistance to our neighbors, as well as our fans, and to provide support for our players.”

The Rangers are hoping that the $5,000 donation will be enough to provide immediate relief to the communities in Louisiana and Texas.

“We appreciate the generosity of the New York Red Bulls and the New Jersey Red Bulls, both of whom have already made their own contributions to the efforts of the Salvation and Emergency Management Alliance,” Lowe added.

“As a player, I hope that your contributions help make the impact of your donations even more profound.”

New Jersey is one of the teams to donate to the Red Bulls’ Harvey relief effort, the club announced Tuesday in a news release.

The Red Bulls also announced that it would match any donations made to the Rangers through the season.

The Salvation Army has already raised $30 million for Harvey relief in Texas through its Red Cross donations.