How to donate via Reddit link

Reddit, one of the world’s largest social networking sites, has launched a new tool that lets people donate via a button that appears when they click on a link on the front page.

The button, which can be found in the ‘How to’ section of the ‘About Us’ page of the site, allows people to donate using credit cards, PayPal, credit cards with mobile payments, gift cards, or other methods.

The new tool was unveiled during a Reddit AMA on Tuesday.

The ‘How To’ section has the word ‘How’ in it.

The user interface for the donation button is a simple one that takes a few clicks to navigate.

Users can select from the options for how they would like to donate, with one of three options being the ‘Send Money’ option.

Once a donation has been made, the button will appear in a little window, with a small box on top of it.

To donate via PayPal, users can click on the box and a button will pop up, which asks them to enter their username and password.

The PayPal button will then open in a new tab and users can send the money to the donation address on their PayPal account.

The donation button will open in the top right corner of the donation window, and can be clicked on for more details.

When a donation is made using a credit card, PayPal users will receive an email from PayPal containing instructions on how to send the payment.

A user can choose to donate in either the Paypal or credit card option, depending on whether they would prefer to send money via the PayPal option or the credit card payment option.

The recipient can then choose to accept or decline the donation, as well as click on ‘Confirm Donation’.

Once a payment has been accepted, the donation box will open, and the recipient will be presented with a confirmation email.

If a PayPal payment is rejected, the recipient can simply click ‘Donate Again’ and the donation will be cancelled.

The tool has been in testing for a few weeks, and Reddit says it is now rolling out to its users.

Reddit users can donate by credit card through PayPal, using PayPal, or using credit card with mobile payment, using a PayPal mobile payment card, or any other method they choose.

The payment method they use determines how the money is being used.

Users who use a PayPal credit card can select the PayPal Credit Card option to send a payment, while PayPal users can select an option to use a credit Card option for a payment.

The process is the same for any other payment method, such as credit cards.

Reddit has not yet shared the details of how users can opt out of PayPal payments, but in the past, the platform has had issues accepting PayPal payments from non-US PayPal accounts.

The company says it will soon begin to remove non-U.S. PayPal payment addresses from the platform.

For now, the site says the new tool is only available to U.S.-based users.

“The way that PayPal works is that it sends the money in a secure way, and then the bank can’t see that it’s coming from PayPal,” Reddit CEO Yishan Wong told TechCrunch.

“It’s not available for international customers, and PayPal doesn’t like that.”

The new donation button also has a feature that lets users donate to groups or charities that have a donation goal set.

In this instance, the user can type in a name for the organization and then select the ‘donate’ button.

The amount of money that is being donated to that particular organization will then be added to the donated amount.

Users that select the donate button can then set a goal and click ‘Done’.

If the goal is not met, the donate icon will go away.

Once the goal has been reached, the amount will then appear on the donation amount and the user is now directed to the ‘about’ page.