Blood donation restrictions are a nightmare for the man who’s trying to donate his plasma

A Melbourne man has been struggling to donate plasma after being refused permission to donate blood.

The man is a 25-year-old male who was born with congenital heart defects and is living with a genetic condition that affects his blood supply.

Donations are available to anyone with a family member with a blood disorder.

But when the family’s doctor refused to perform a blood transfusion because they were too sick to donate, the man was told they were “too busy” to help.

“I was very upset,” the man said.

The man had the same condition as the rest of his family.

He said he was offered a blood donation in the past, but was turned down by doctors.

This week he was told he couldn’t donate again, and now is fighting to donate a portion of his blood so he can save his own life.

It’s been a nightmare.

I’ve lost my health insurance, my credit card and everything else,” the unnamed man said in a statement to News.

In the past four years, the Australian Medical Association has advised doctors to give blood to people with blood disorders who are too ill to donate.

But Mr Ziegler is not convinced the AMA is up to the job of advising doctors.”

The AMA should be advising doctors on how to best care for people with these conditions,” he said.”

We should be encouraging people to donate.

“”The most dangerous thing is for doctors to be afraid to do their job.

I want to help other people,” he added. “

[If I can donate] I would be happy to.

I want to help other people,” he added.

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