Why George Soros has donated to charity

George Sorosa has donated his shoe collection to a charity, donating shoes and money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the shoe and clothing designer said he has given $1,500 to the Childrens Hospital of America, which is located in Philadelphia’s city limits.

Soros, who is known for his colorful footwear, is a global entrepreneur who is best known for creating the brand, The Soros, and for his charity Goodwill.

In 2017, he donated a shoe to the Red Cross after he heard of a man who needed a pair of shoes.

The shoes cost around $100.

Soros has also donated money to the American Red Cross and the United Way.

Sorso said in the statement that he donated the shoes because they are beautiful shoes.

He said he decided to give because he was passionate about making shoes and wanted to make a statement that sneakers are more than just sneakers.

Soras, who founded the company The Soroshos, also donated his shoes to the US Olympic team.SOROS’ SON TO BE US CHAMPION George Sorozas son is expected to be crowned the United States Olympic champion at the 2018 Games in Tokyo, Japan, on May 3.