Why will the $2 billion cloth donation drive be successful?

Fox News has learned that $2.2 billion worth of donations from people in the United States and Canada to support local charities has been made.

In addition, $1.8 billion has been raised in international markets to support a variety of local causes.

The first donation to the local charity was made on Thursday.

The next donation will be on Saturday.

A total of $2,500,000 has been pledged.

The American Red Cross says it will also donate $2 million for the Red Cross Charitable Fund.

It said the funds are for local relief efforts, health care, community development, education, food assistance and other local needs.

The Red Cross said in a statement that the donation is a key step toward strengthening our partnership with the charitable organization.

The organization is grateful for the outpouring of support and continues to be committed to working with charities and the communities that need it most, the Red Red Cross statement said.