What does ‘donate’ mean?

The Huffington Mail is the largest online publication in the world.

The paper has more than one billion readers around the world, and one billion people read the Huffington Post daily.

The Huffington Posts digital business is a $10 billion enterprise, and its success is based on a strong online presence and strong readership.

But as the newspaper’s financial health continues to deteriorate, the Huffington Posts CEO and founder, Joe Gebbia, is facing new challenges as he seeks to make the paper a sustainable business.

Gebbi says the paper is not a viable business because of its declining advertising revenue, which has dropped by 50% since its 2010 peak.

But it also is facing more challenging times.

“We’re facing a new era of digital media,” Gebbias said in an interview with The Huffington News.

“The world is shifting into a more connected world.

People have moved from a print to digital world.

And I think this is where we need to be looking at the future.”

The Huffington’s business model hinges on paying its staff and contributors for their work.

But while the newspaper has a sizable audience on Facebook and YouTube, it has also struggled with declining advertising.

“I’m not sure it’s sustainable, financially,” Gevbia said.

“It’s tough to compete against the fact that people are using their devices to engage with your content.”

The newspaper has struggled financially for years because of a decline in print advertising.

But this year, it is struggling to make ends meet because it is losing revenue from subscriptions.

Gevbias says he is working with a number of people in the paper’s media division to find ways to make sure the paper can continue to make money, but he acknowledged that it is challenging.

“There are a number people on the editorial side who want to see the paper thrive and thrive as a sustainable company,” he said.

As a result, he said, he will not be able to make his current staff and employees more financially secure by making staff contributions.

He also said that the staff is “really frustrated” about not being able to pay for their housing.

“This is a big challenge, but we have to do it.

It’s just not sustainable.

It just doesn’t make sense.”

Gebbos plans to launch a new fund to help cover expenses.

But he said the fund will not only be able, but must, include contributions from people who contribute money to his fund.

“That’s what’s going to help us survive financially,” he explained.

“So I think there will be a new kind of fund, but I can’t tell you when that is going to be ready.”

The fund will help cover “funds, loans, and other things.”

Gevbi is also considering expanding the paper into other countries.

“In terms of how to get in to places where there’s a need for coverage, there are other organizations that are doing that,” he told The Huffington.

“You might get an article in The New York Times that’s really good for a lot of different audiences.”

He said that he is considering expanding his company’s operations into China, India, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

“People need to get out there, do their own thing, and just try to make their own decisions,” he added.

But Gebbs plans to continue working on ways to provide affordable housing for his staff.

“If we can help people get to their destinations and get their housing, I think that’s what people want,” he concluded.

He said he has heard from people that he will need to pay them rent, but that he would prefer to provide housing assistance directly to their families.

The company also plans to invest in a new digital newsroom that will be launched this year.

The team is looking for “people who have a background in digital journalism and are passionate about this and want to get involved,” Gegbias told The Associated Press in an email.

“Our goal is to provide a platform where we can connect with readers and provide the kind of content that our audience loves.

We are also looking to invest some of the funding we are raising to invest into new technologies that will help us better serve our audience.”

The company is not disclosing any additional details about its plans to build a new newsroom, but Gebbes plans to announce its plans in the coming months.