How to donate to Trump’s reelection effort

Trump is a self-described “billionaire” and the owner of the New York Daily News, which is known for its rabid coverage of the billionaire.

It has been a favorite punching bag for Democrats and others.

On Tuesday, the Daily News announced that it would pay a $5,000 donation to a super PAC backing Clinton, with the rest going to Trump.

But in an editorial, the paper said that it could not endorse a candidate and urged readers to donate instead to a charity of Trump’s choosing.

“While we would not normally make a political donation, we recognize that Donald Trump’s campaign has been marked by a barrage of negative coverage and has led many Americans to question whether our democracy can function in its current form,” the editorial said.

“We must now do our part to help the Republican nominee elect a more inclusive and qualified candidate, one who will put our country first.”

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Daily News is not the only paper to announce its endorsement of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The Los Angeles Times has also announced it will donate $1,000 to the pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action, which has been backing Trump’s bid.

The editorial did not mention that the paper is owned by News Corp., the News Corp.-owned media conglomerate that owns the New Yorker and other publications.

Trump has previously attacked the paper, calling it “the enemy of the American people” and “the most dishonest paper in America.”