‘Donatos Pizza Sarasota’ has been selling for $1.2M in India

Donatos Pizza Sasaota has sold its first pizza for more than $1 million in India, raising eyebrows among investors and prompting questions over its long-term viability.

The pizza chain, which is owned by Pizza Hut, started selling its pizza on the country’s biggest internet platforms like Flipkart, Amazon and Google in December.

The pizza is also available in the country on its own, but it was recently added to Flipkarts online delivery platform.

The brand has more than 2.6 million customers in India.

Its biggest challenge, analysts say, is that it doesn’t have a good brand name and its products are often difficult to find.

Flipkars is looking to improve the brand and improve its reach in India by selling the pizza directly to customers through its own website, which means it doesn to sell to pizza shops or other stores.

Flipkus CEO Sanjay Sharma said he is confident of the brand’s long-run future.

“The biggest challenge is the brand.

It has no name, no product and no presence on the internet,” he told ET.

“In India, we have a problem with people not knowing the brand name.

In the future, we want to focus on this.

We want to make a brand that has a real presence.”

Sharma said Donatos has already signed a deal with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to sell its pizza in the nation’s capital, Delhi.

Donatos plans to expand the distribution network in the next couple of months.