When Michelle Donato gives $1 million to Yemen earthquake victims

Michelle D’Amato, a Brooklyn native and the founder and CEO of The D’Amore Foundation, is donating $1.3 million to help the Yemeni earthquake victims and their families.

D’Anato said she will donate the money to a program called ‘Yemen Relief’.

The project aims to help Yemen earthquake survivors and their loved ones in need, and it has already been accepted by donors.

It will fund a number of programs in addition to the $1,500 donation to the foundation, including a hospital for women with severe head injuries and a program for families who have lost members of their family in the earthquake.

D’Amatto, who lives in the US, has been a strong supporter of US President Donald Trump’s administration and has been vocal about the US’s role in the region, particularly its military presence in Yemen.

The foundation’s website lists her as a ‘Senior Advisor for Yemen’ and says she ‘works in support of US policy in the Middle East.’

The announcement was made in a letter to Trump on Saturday, with D’Alamato saying her intention is to ‘give to all the people affected by the earthquake in Yemen’.

She said she was inspired by the ‘human resilience’ of Yemenis during the earthquake, which she described as ‘a nightmare for all of us’.’

The earthquake in 2017 was a nightmare for many in Yemen, and Michelle is deeply affected by what happened there,’ she said in a statement.

‘Youth have suffered a great deal as a result of the earthquake that rocked Yemen in 2017, and we are hopeful that we can all use this earthquake to heal.’

I have never met Michelle, but I know she has the strength to do great things.

I am so proud of her and of what she has done for the people of Yemen.

She is a strong advocate for peace and a fierce advocate for the global community.’

She has made it clear that we must stand together and support each other as we rebuild and rebuild in Yemen.’

The D’Andrea Foundation was founded in 2005 by D’ Amato and her husband, David, to provide financial assistance to people who were displaced in the 2005 earthquake.

The foundation has since expanded its efforts to help displaced families in Yemen by providing relief, disaster relief, medical assistance, and more.