Which blood donors can donate?

A new survey of more than 2,000 donors in the United States has revealed some startling findings about the way blood is donated.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, the average donation has dropped nearly 40 percent since 2005, the year before the Affordable Care Act came into effect.

“The bottom line is that people are less willing to donate blood because they’re concerned about it, because it’s not an easy thing to do,” says Jennifer M. Hebert, a senior researcher with the Pew Center who co-authored the report.

A new poll conducted by Pew Research indicates that Americans are less likely to donate their blood because of concerns about costs.

The Pew Research survey also found that more than a third of respondents said that they have given blood at least once in the past year, and more than half of them have had an appointment with a doctor in the last year.

The survey found that about 30 percent of respondents have had blood drawn in the previous 12 months, and a majority said they had never been tested for HIV or hepatitis C. “People are more likely to think that it’s an easier thing to donate than they are to think it’s the right thing to have,” says Hebert.

Heberts survey found some other shocking findings.

Nearly one in four respondents said they have never donated blood before, and two-thirds said they never would donate blood again.

More than two-in-five people say they are not sure whether they would donate if they were given the chance, and half of those people said they would not donate again if they had the chance.

About one-third of the people surveyed said they thought it was unfair that donors had to wait months or years to receive their blood.

“I’ve been on the waiting list for years for blood,” says Jocelyn Kelleher, a 28-year-old student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“It’s not fair that I have to wait until I’m older to get it.

It’s really unfair.”

Heberits findings are based on a national survey of 1,000 Americans conducted between October and January of this year by PublicMind, an online research and information company.

The poll was commissioned by the American Society for Blood Banks and conducted in partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The survey of 4,000 adults was conducted between September and October of this season.

The results were published in the October issue of the journal Science.

For more information on how to donate to the Blood Bank of the United Kingdom, please visit the American Blood Bank website.