Donato eno tiene sulva dei voglio, aveva tutti con una tanto

Donato Eno’s charity, the Todo Donato, has launched a new donation glasses program for people who are donating their glasses for charity.

Donato is the head of Donato’s charitable arm, the Donato Foundation, and she announced the launch of the program on Twitter.

The program will be launched with the Tanto Donato.

Donations of glasses will be collected and handed out to charities from the end of the year.

Donatella also stated that donations of glasses are going to be shared between Donato and the Tondo Donato charity, which is a non-profit foundation that helps support people who can’t afford to buy their glasses from the shops.

“I am pleased to announce the launch this year of the Tando Donato glasses program, where donors can donate their glasses to Donato in return for a donation,” she wrote.

“Donations of Tanto glasses will go directly to the Tono Donato foundation, which provides support to families with children suffering from learning disabilities.

Donatos glasses will then be delivered to the children at the Tano Donato clinic in Cagliari.”

The Tondo donation program has already raised more than $100,000 so far and is now looking for donors who can also donate their sunglasses.

The Todo donations can be made online at the Donatellas website.

You can find out more about the Donatoso program here.