When you can’t donate, Joe Biden can still donate

Joe Biden has been donating money to charity ever since he became president.

And the Democratic vice president is doing it in the face of Republican criticism for being out of touch with ordinary Americans.

When he announced that he was donating $5 million to a charity, he did so as he was doing so, a spokesman said.

Biden made the donation while he was president, and it is now the highest amount a president has donated to a foundation, said his spokeswoman, Karen Finney.

But Biden’s generosity could have been a sign of things to come.

When Biden announced that the foundation he was running to build on his presidency would include an annual fundraiser, he didn’t mention the fundraisers in his remarks.

The fundraising was also a bit of a surprise to many.

Biden is known for his charitable giving, especially during the height of the crisis in Puerto Rico.

He has donated $100 million to charity, including $75 million in the last three years.

And Biden has said he doesn’t want to be a fundraiser.

“I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, he just gives money to the charity and then goes on a vacation,’ ” Finney said.

The $5M donation was made just before he spoke at a fundraiser in New York, and Biden’s team said he didn.

The event was held in the former home of billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

Biden, who is a philanthropist, has said his goal is to help the country’s poorest.

He also has said that he wants to build a national infrastructure for jobs and education.

The former president has been working on building that infrastructure for years, and he has raised $1.2 billion to make that happen.

The $5 Million donation will be used to create the Biden Global Center, which will be an effort to build infrastructure for developing nations to invest in jobs and infrastructure, Finney told CNN.

“The Biden Global Network will be a major player in helping the United States meet the global challenge of climate change, and the Biden Foundation will play a key role in ensuring it is built,” she said.

Biden has been outspoken about climate change and climate change research.

The Democratic vice presid­ent recently said that the country should cut its carbon footprint by 50% by 2050.

Biden’s plan to use the money to build that infrastructure was met with skepticism.

“Joe Biden is going to be very vocal on climate change,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who has been a vocal supporter of Biden’s agenda.

“But I think the reality is that Joe Biden doesn’t have the knowledge or the vision or the money or the experience to be the President of the United Nations,” Priebus added.

Democrats are pushing back against the Biden administration’s push for climate change legislation, calling it a “war on the American people.”

In a recent statement, the president said, “The American people don’t have a voice when it comes to climate change.

That’s why I am proposing legislation that will make it clear that the American government is on the front lines of addressing the threat of climate disruption.”