How to donate to the Piano in your local area

Piano donations are one of the most popular forms of donations, but the BBC has discovered a hidden gem that can be given out to your local community.

Read more How to donate Piano donation donation rules are pretty simple and you can be sure that any donation will be properly processed and returned to the charity.

You can also donate the piano itself.

Piano donation rulesIf you are an individual, you are able to donate the Piano at any time of the year and receive a certificate of donation.

You must complete a donation form, complete and return it to the Office of the Secretary of State for the Arts (OSSA) in a sealed envelope, and return this envelope to the donation organisation for processing.

The donation form must include a donation address and the amount you want to donate.

You may also pay the full donation amount to the local charity.

If you are a business, you may only donate the total amount of the Piano.

If you wish to donate more than the Piano, you must give a separate donation receipt.

If the amount is more than £25,000, it will be refunded.

You can give the Piano to anyone of the following organisations, which are all registered charities:The Piano Charity, a non-profit charitable trust.

The Chorley Foundation, a charity which raises money to help children with special needs.

The Children’s Music Trust, a UK charity which offers music and arts education to young people.

The London School of Music, a London music and dance school.

The National Foundation for Music, which aims to increase awareness of music and to promote its use in education.

The Royal Shakespeare Company, a musical company based in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Charity Trust for Children, a charitable trust established to help the children of disabled people.

There are other charities who can accept donations.

You will need to apply for a donation certificate, which is given to the individual or business that you wish the donation to go to.

You should ensure that your donation is properly completed, return the form and the return envelope to your donation organisation.

The donation formYou will need a donation receipt to complete the donation form.

You do not need to include any personal details or contact details for the organisation you wish your donation to be sent to.

If your donation has already been processed, you will need the following information to complete your form:Your name and address, and the details of the charity you wish a donation to.

Your contact details, as well as the details required to receive the donation, and an address for the recipient to collect your donation.

Please note that this information is subject to change, so make sure that it is correct before you sign.

You are also required to include a list of any fees associated with the donation and the donation certificate.

You are not required to supply a receipt.

This will be automatically added to your gift receipt once it has been delivered to your recipient.

The receipt is then returned to your organisation.

If your donation cannot be delivered to the recipient within 48 hours, you can request that the donation be cancelled.

This is available on request.

The organisation you want your donation sent toIf you have previously made a donation with a local charity, you should contact that organisation and arrange for them to make arrangements to send the Piano back to you.

You cannot request that your donations be sent directly to an individual or company.

Please do not give your donation away to anyone else.

You need to keep it in a safe place and ensure that it will not be damaged or lost.