How to donate to veterans’ charities – in quotes

If you have a disability or a medical condition, you could make a donation to Veterans’ New Zealand.

Here are some of the ways you can give.

The charity says it aims to give veterans a fair chance to be heard on the battlefield, so they are not treated like second-class citizens.

It also offers an opportunity to give to other organisations.

Donations can be made online or by mail.

Your local Veterans’ Council can organise a donation, too.

To make a $25 donation online, click here.

A $50 donation online is also available.

Donate by phone If you are unable to make a direct donation, you can send a cheque, post it to: Veterans’ Commission, PO Box 456, Auckland 1469, and ask for a Veterans’ Pensioner Service Centres card.

The card entitles you to a monthly payment of $5 for a maximum of five years.

You can also give by post or phone, by sending the cheque or postcard to: Ministry of Health, PO BOX 45616, Auckland.

This is the same service provided by the Ministry of Defence.

You will need to have a Veterans New Zealand Card, but the card is free to use.

Donating by post If you do not have a card, or if you do have one, you will need a postcard.

These can be sent by post to: National Archives, POBOX 1369, Auckland 1370, or by post via a mail dropbox, at your nearest MTR office.

These will be accepted.

You’ll need to include a copy of your letter.

Mail your postcard by post by post, by postmarked mail, to: Department of Veterans Affairs, PO box 901, Auckland 903, or to: New Zealand Post Office, PO boxes 1008 and 1009, Auckland 1031, or for postal service in the United Kingdom.

It can be up to 12 weeks.

Donors can also make an online donation by clicking here.

Your money will be donated by the same person, so you will receive a different card.

If you would like to make an electronic donation, please click here for more information.

Don’t miss out on giving, make a contribution and help Veterans’ Affairs and the Government reach its targets, says the charity.

To donate online, visit Veterans New York City.

To give via mail, go to Veterans New Orleans.